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Let's invest in our community together

At New Vision we understand that the goal of real estate investing is wealth creation and we are committed to investing in and revitalizing our local communities.

Our expertise is to purchase, renovate and sell homes, working directly with investors to inspire, design and create instant equity in their properties.

New Vision Properties can accommodate the entire real estate transaction under one roof. We can locate a property; do a new design/build or remodel, and then stage the interior to generate either a sale or a lease agreement.

We have the unique ability to purchase, renovate and sell homes. We work directly with homeowners to inspire, design and create instant equity in their personal residences, and we can develop and build larger multi- and mixed-use project developments.  We want to be your partner in your future.

Let's work together to create wealth while transforming our community for the better.

2018-01-21 1121 G St NE-128.jpg
408 After, Kitchen.jpg

Wondering what New Vision Properties can do for you? 

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