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Justin Sprinzen is the CEO and Founder of New Vision Properties. In 2001, while Justin was working as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill, he began undertaking real estate development projects as a hobby. Over the course of several years, he purchased and rehabilitated seven residential properties - some of which he decided to hold as rental assets.

In 2009, Justin was retained by a D.C. development company to serve as the project manager for the development of a large condo conversion of a large apartment building in D.C. After much success with that project, he became a full-time strategist with the company and tasked with creating and implementing a comprehensive plan to as the director of single-family homes division. He successfully grew that division to its capacity by helping to create and leverage an investment vehicle and lender relationships, which yielded significant returns to all shareholders.

In January 2013, Justin decided to combine his passion for real estate with his entrepreneurial drive and re-launched New Vision Properties LLC with one core belief in mind – to create long-term value and wealth for all stakeholders. This includes owners, investors, contractors, customers, and the communities in which they operate. To meet this goal, Justin manages the daily operations of the company - from overseeing bank and investor relations to acquisitions and dispositions.

Justin Sprinzen

CEO & Founder

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